What is Javascript


What is Javascript

What is Javascript? , So that it is used? , As it is used? Today we will try to give a global idea you than it is Javascript, you are not going to learn nothing at least but when you hear speaking of them who you know that this speaking.

Javascript or js

What is Javascript

Javascript is an interpreted programming language, that is to say that does not need compilation, it is analyzed by another program, the navigators Web. Furthermore it is a programming language otrientado to objects (POO) and based on prototypes.

It is a language that works of the side of the client, that is to say who executes himself in the navigator and not in the servant.

Its main assignment in adding interactivity to the webpages, that is to say that following the actions (events) of the user the own Web reacts of a way or another one.

As it works

Javascript works jointly with HTML, that is to say that has impact in, reason why we must relate it somehow so that it interacts with. There are 2 main ways:

  • In own document HTML

    Like it happens with CSS is possible to be included code anywhere Javascript of document HTML as long as script is included within the labels:

    <script> //Here the code Javascript </script>

    She can have all the blocks of code that are needed, and following where they are placed executed themselves sooner or later, reason why much people prefer to just put them before closing the label body.

  • In a different file with extension js

  • It is the recommendable way but, mainly if scripts is going to have impact in all the pages of the Web, for example if she affects to the menu, since in all the pages we see the menu would be a case in which she would affect to all.

    Like in the case previous the call to this external document can be done in any place, although he is recommendable to do it in the final part of head or right before the closing of the body, and it becomes of the following way:

    <script type=€ text/Javascript€ src=€ route/misScripts.js€ ></script>

To learn Javascript

The Javascript learning will depend much on if some other programming language is known. If it is not thus normally the basic foundations are learned fast, nevertheless to increase the level to realise complex things but if that it requires of much dedication and it practices. The good part of this is that there are many bookshops that simplify to much the code as for example jQuery of which we will speak in another post

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