What is CSS?


What is CSS?

What is CSS? , So that it is used? , As it is used? In this post we are going to try to explain of an easy way and fast of which CSS consists and to understand what is its assignment at the time of designing a page or application Web.

Cascading style sheet or style sheet in cascade

What is

CSS is a design language that is used to establish the design of the pages or applications Web.

Its assignment consists of allowing to separate the content, of the design or presentation. This has great advantages, as for example to have a code HTML but clean and easy to maintain.

But mainly the main advantage is that it can and partly must (in the way that is possible to us), to write all the code CSS in a file with extension css and to tie it with all the archives HTML or php. This way we will obtain that the Web loaded but fast and mainly we will facilitate the maintenance very enormously since making an only change will be reflected in all the pages of our website.


It is the present version of CSS, which in addition to all the characteristics of previous versions adds functionalities as:

  • Transparencies
  • Transformations
  • Cleared edges
  • Shades
  • Animations
  • etc.

As including CSS in your webpage

There are 3 ways to include it:

1 €“ In line

It is applied as attribute of a label HTML and only has effect exceeds she:

2 €“ Shrunk

A space is qualified normally (within

) within a document HTML in which to write css that only affected to this document:

3 €“ External

Agraga all the css in an external document with extension .css and ties with all the documents to which it is wanted makes effect by means of the following line:

Syntax CSS

As to use CSS it is to give aspect to something, that something will be necessary to select it (selector). In addition to selecting it debero to limit the zone that corresponds to styles for that selector by means of keys \ {}. And finally pairs of properties settle down: values separating some of others by means of €˜; €™.

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