Better banks of images


Better banks of images

The banks of images. The images and the rights of copyright in Internet are a chaos, much people does not know nor than these speaking to him when you are mentioned them, in fact when you are going to renew some Web mainly if this done with publishers in whom each mounts €œI grasp€ that in 90% of the cases nothing satisfied with the result ends a user (a Web that does not offer what you need, with a not at all professional image and that in addition is just as the one of your neighbor), paying more than you would do it by a Web done by right professionals and having infringed of copyright that you could bring problems.

If we have images that already nor we remembered where they have left we can to use tools as Web tineye in which we can to load our image and to verify if bank belongs to some of images of payment as shutterstock, and that if they are images of quality is very probable that thus it is, we will have search alternatives: Banks of images with reusability license and if they better do not have obligation of attribution to the author still.

Well because we are going to verify the gratuitous banks that we think that they are the best ones: pixabay, pexels, pxhere and although a long time ago we did not use it morguefile. In addition we are going to search carefully to see that but options recommend in different blogs and forums to us.

We are going to make a small study looking for images by means of different terms in all of them and are going to see the number of images that each bank offers to us so that we reuse in a Web.

Before nothing to say that we have discarded a few since they did not give any result:

I finish search
Bank Massage Soccer football Apple Fire Dentist Total 367 3419 3419 6570 8215 236 22226 235 2312 3340 5038 8983 130 20038 16 77 170 542 258 12 1075 23 432 1062 1235 3021 39 5812 0 0 0 43 0 0 43 0 0 0 8 0 0 8 1 1 5 9 33 0 49 0 2 3 14 14 0 33 0 0 0 25 0 0 25 1 20 23 293 235 7 579 142 241 215 698 865 9 2070 42 5 18 87 4 63 219

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