The access to Internet from movable devices surpasses to the PC


The access to Internet from movable devices surpasses to the PC

The times change, and to day of today many websites that were revolutionary at the time no longer are it as much, or rather, technologies nonappreciated have been obsolete for several reasons already are nowadays as flash, the movable device nonadaptation€¦ .

The access to Internet by means of different devices is a fact until the point in which the accesses from movable devices as smartphones or tablets surpasses to the accesses from PC

As it influences that in a Web nonadapted?

  • Google will influence in the results of its searches having harnessed the adapted websites, will be a part but of our SEO since every day it seems that it will influence more.
  • The user experience, because it is not just like a Web sees in a mobile that it adapts to:
Example of adapted movable device webpage
Example of adapted movable device webpage

In case not yet wise of which we spoke when we talked about to the design responsive Web there you have an example, that is to say, power to see all the contents without having to make zoom lens and to move to us there where we want to sail, that if we do not know the Web becomes really difficult to sail by her and to read those texts moving advanced to us back and with each jump of line, is really annoying and much people lose the interest and leave the Web without arriving at which looked for.

As conclusion we can to say that if that if we have Web and to show and to offer something, and not to have Web adapted not help neither to that your visitors tenan a good experience neither to that finds, we hope that you have realized the important thing that she is to have his site nowadays preparation.

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