Google will penalize the positioning of Webs without responsive


Google will penalize the positioning of Webs without responsive

How it affects the change of algorithm of Google in our Web? The past 21 of April, Google implemented its new algorithm Mobile Friendly, with which according to they say tries to award, and not to punish

Although it is certain that a thing is better than the other, those adapted Webs to mobiles and tablets, that is to say, not that is seen, but they adapt facilitating therefore navigation. This announcement has deep pierced in the experts and professionals SEO, that months warning of the true revolution in the organic results of the searches take that can cause the aforeshelp algorithm. An impact that delay is surpassed at the time to the caused one by algorithms as Penguin, Colibr­ or Panda.

What is what Google with this new algorithm looks for?

The increase of navigation with smartphones and tablets during these last 5 years has been spectacular at world-wide level, as much it is so it calculates that only in Spain and during the 2015, 74% of the users will connect to Internet every day from its movable device. And of these, 59% will realise searches in Google.

Before this exponential growth of the searches in movable devices and seeing the increasing tendency of the use of tablets and smartphones to the detriment of the portable desktop computers and, Google has decided to put the batteries and to award those Webs that are better preparations for movable navigation.

Image of change of algorithm of Google Mobile Friendly

Taken care of with the imposters!

The commotion and the uncertainty that the news in the network has triggered, have harnessed the proliferation of fraudulent supplies or deceptive which they got to assure that if the Web were not remodeled before the 21 of April, this it would be eliminated. Logically, this ultimatum to the purest Nostradamus style has not occurred. Nor one will occur.

Because Google is not going to erase any content, if it is what it nourishes to him! But that will award with a better positioning to those Webs adapted for mobiles, that is to say, the standard device of present navigation of the majority of users. Thus, in equality of conditions, a Web adapted for mobiles will appear in better position than a Web that is not it. How to know if I must make changes in the Web? If your Web is of recent creation, probably already it is adapted for movable devices since for about two years the majority of projects incorporates this technological requirement. In any case, to assure to you, you can visit the Web that Google makes your available to testear your Web, and in that you will find information of how to adapt it to the new change of algorithm. Although if yours it is not to speak (at the moment) with the machines, here we advised to you without commitment.

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