Positioning SEO

Positioning SEO

The positioning SEO in finders as Google or Bing is as important as the same development of a Web. It is the form to make visible your webpage and to attract visits so that the webpage fulfills its objectives.

In Mtpanorama we are specialized in natural or organic positioning in Google and other finders. By means of the natural or organic positioning in Google and other finders. By means of this permanent campaign one looks for to position the webpage of

In Mtpanorama we are specialistic in helping to small and medium businesses to improve its presence online. You want to appear in the first positions of google, to what delays?

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You know what position occupies your Web in the main finders of Internet? If you think that it is not important, you must know that 80% of the users only read the first 10 results of the search, the rest are ignored. In addition, the companies that are placed in the first positions in the finders are evaluated by the users. To appear in the first results will increase the number and the quality of visits to your Web, since your potential clients will find you of immediate form when they look for information in google, yahoo or bing. You do not lose the opportunity to improve your business. It asks for your report of positioning free!


  • We assured an increase to you of the number of visits in your Web.
  • Revision and permanent pursuit of the state of your positioning.
  • Study free of the visibility of your Web.
  • Integration of the positioning strategy Web in your social networks.
  • Study of market and the competition.
  • High professional in the map of Google Increases the visits to your Web.
  • He improves the image of your brand.
  • The number of potential clients and sales is increased.
  • They allow you to improve your positioning Web in front of your competitors.
  • You have the best guaranteed price.
  • You choose the plan that better adapts you.
  • You receive periodic reports of the results of the positioning Web.

You will advance to the competition of your city in Internet Positioning Web €“ SEO & SEM El search engine optimization are a vital strategy since it will make your more visible brand, attracting a greater number of visits and locating to you in front of your competition in the results search.

In Mtpanorama, we realised strategies of positioning online focused to the conversion and objectives of our clients, showing results always based on measurable and quantifiable data.


Positioning Web €“ SEO

The importance of a good strategy of positioning SEO for your Web the suitable use of the techniques SEO will cause that your webpage, blog or store online better is perceived by the finders, which will be able to attract traffic, to increase the conversion, to improve the usability, to generate quality content and, really, to make of your website a place that your potential clients find of simple way and that they want to return.

SEM positioning

SEM positioning: The great potential reach of the sponsored connections Consists of the insertion of announcements in finders to appear from the home between the first positions, reason why you will obtain immediate and quantifiable results. It is a good system to obtain short term results and as complement to the rest of strategies, but in no case is an alternative to the work of organic positioning.

Why to invest in positioning SEO?

  • If you do not appear in Google, you do not exist.
  • You increase the sales, online and in the physical point.
  • You increase the visits of people who are looking for your service or product.
  • Improvements the image and reputation online of your brand. You are unmarked of your competition.
  • It is not an instantaneous process, if not that requires of time and constant work so that your positioning is stable and lasting. For this reason, the sooner you begin with the improvement of your positioning, better.

Not yet you are convinced?

It looks at some statistics:

  • We realise in Google more than 3,000 million daily searches, which supposes more than 100,000 million searches to the month.
  • 96% of the searches in Spain are realised in Google.
  • 90% of the clicks take they the results of the front page of Google and 31% fall to first.

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