Domain + Hosting

Hosting, domain and maintenance

These services are basic and necessary so that any website exists and is accessible from any part of the world to any hour of the day any day of the year. It is possible that you have heard to speak of them but not you know or not you know very clearly in which consists each of them (mainly hosting and domain) and because they are so important, next we explained to you what is and so that it serves each as these services.

Necessary domain and hosting, and maintenance, very recommendable, is 3 services that you must consider at the time of creating a website very.

The domain is a great access door towards the public so that your possible futures clients find you, pay attention to you, they know you and they remember to you. The election of this is due to think and to testear in the network to find possible problems, dualities and conflicts before home and coming to its purchase

Hosting also known as lodging Web, essential. A bad election you can cause problems because you have contracted hosting without necessary a certain capacity for your project, as data bases could be it for example. And finally the maintenance that will save long time and worries to you.

Next we explained better each to you of them so that you know clearly or, who are or include and the important thing that they are.



It is the name with which your webpage will be identified or lies down online. That name is the one that appears as root directory in the bar of directions or URL of the navigator.

The importance of its election

The name of right domain with the techniques positioning SEO will be the route by which the clients will be able to find you, therefore she is recommended to think a name well that identifies the name of your company along with its activity of the possible clearest way.



It is a space reserved in a Web server so that your website is accessible from any place of the planet.

It is a service necessary to have online a Web. In him all the archives would keep that compose your website: photos, configuration files, archives of content etc.



It is a service with that you must right to as much realise small changes of content as of design in your website, in addition to solving possible problems that arise in.

By a small monthly payment we will solve your restlessness, failures, updates of contents, will make backup copies of security of your website etc.

Now that or you know what it deals with when they are mentioned these terms we give the possibility you of choosing to us to realise the creation and configuration of all they, not necessarily you need all with us (or you perhaps have a domain or hosting), but we we offer the possibility to you of centralizing his management making agile all the process choosing us for it.

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